Jenni Rivera's youngest son Johnny Lopez comes out, telling the world in a video that he is gay. Sister Chiquis Rivera shows him her unconditional support and love.
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Johnny Lopez, the youngest son of late Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, addressed rumors surrounding his sexual orientation in a video he posted to Instagram today.

“There has been a lot said about me in the past few weeks. Things didn’t come out the way I wanted this to,” he said. “I wanted to make this video first and for everyone to understand me but my boyfriend, as you all know, Joaquín, we both got a little too excited, and he posted a few pictures of us, and I retweeted them, and it went viral.”

Lopez, 16, said Joaquín and he have been a pair for two years. “People began noticing that we were together. I am in a gay relationship right now and I am in love with this person. I’ve been dealing with this part of myself for a long time now,” he said.

The teen also posted a photo with his boyfriend on Instagram on Nov. 24 with the caption: “thankful.” Lopez, who self-identifies as bisexual, admitted he has struggled with his sexuality for years.

“And for so long I wanted to be completely straight or completely gay because I honestly didn’t know where I am,” he said, adding: “I’m bisexual. I know that some people don’t necessarily believe in that, but all I know is that I love this person and I don’t necessarily have a preference, I love who I love.”

His sister Chiquis Rivera, who appears with him on the video and stars with Lopez and their other three siblings on Universo’s reality show The Riveras, is standing by her brother amid a nasty online backlash. “I want people to know that I support him 100 percent. He is my brother, he is my baby, he is my son,” she told Univision’s El Gordo y La Flace. Chiquis helped raise Lopez after her mother’s fatal plane accident in 2012.

“I have seen comments that say: ‘If Jenni was alive she wouldn’t approve. Chiquis did not do a good job with him and that’s why he’s gay’,” she added. “That’s not how things are.”

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Rumors about Johnny’s sexuality began to circulate last week when Joaquin shared affectionate images of the duo on social media. “Yes, it’s true,” Chiquis confirmed on the entertainment show on Nov. 27. “I support him and I have always supported the gay community. I’m spiritual and my religion is love. He is happy. I am happy for him and I support him. When he is ready, he will say certain things.”

The 32-year-old singer admitted that cruel remarks online upset her. “Don’t judge,” she said. “It makes me sad to see so many ugly comments. Love is love. He is not hurting anyone.”

Chiquis finds the prejudice that persists toward homosexuals in Latino culture disheartening and believes that intolerance is spiking suicide rates among young LGBT people: “We have to guide them and tell them we will always love them,” she said.

The day before she confirmed her brother’s sexuality, she wrote a post affirming the importance of self-discovery and acceptance: “Embrace who you are! Find your who.”