Jane the Virgin

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Jane the Virgin‘stitle character played by Gina Rodriguez is finally fulfilling her literary ambitions…for real. In October, book publisher Simon & Schuster announced that its imprint Adams Media would be publishing fictional character Jane Gloriana Villanueva’s debut novel, a historical romance, on Nov. 14.

Over the course of the show’s first three seasons, Jane dreams of becoming a novelist, and takes a crack at one based on her relationship with Michael Cordero, Jr., played by Brett Dier.

The novel, titled Snow Falling, takes place in Miami in 1902, a time when the Magic City was expanding, railroad magnates thrived and hotels proliferated and prospered. Bestselling romance writer, Caridad Pineiro is the real author of Snow Falling, but the book is attributed to Jane Gloriana Villanueva on its cover and bio.

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When Jane finished the novel in the third season, fans across social media clamored for the opportunity to read it. One wrote: “I need a copy of Snow Falling. My sanity depends on it.” Another added: “I’m so invested in Jane… I wish I can actually read Snow Falling.”

S&S thrilled fans when it announced the news via social media with a first look at the steamy cover: “Today’s fun news! Jane The Virgin’s Literary Romance Debut SNOW FALLING, to be published by “Lorden + Gregor” #IRL,” the company tweeted last week.

“I’m so thrilled that Adams Media as Lorden + Gregor is bringing Jane’s first novel to life and I can’t wait for fans to get to read it!” Jane the Virgin‘s showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman said in a press release. “Prepare to get swept up in an epic love story.”