June 09, 2017 05:21 PM

Jessica Alba might have earned her fame and fortune from starring in television shows and Hollywood films like Fantastic Four, but the actress-turned-entrepenuer is now all about her business The Honest Company. Founded in 2011, the billion dollar non-toxic goods empire provides customers with healthy, sustainable home cleaning, baby and beauty products.

As Alba continues to expand the fast-growing business and team up with big store chains like Target, one could only help to wonder where she found the ambition to step into the business industry. The 36-year-old actually took the leap into entrepreneurship with the inspiration of one person she calls her mentor: director James Cameron.

Because of Carmeron—who directed blockbusters like Titanic and Avatar—and his determination to film the wreck of the Titanic ship when there was no technology to do so, Alba felt that there was no reason she couldn’t do something out of her element. That’s when The Honest Company was born.

“The way James operated hit me hard. It opened my mind to the idea that it didn’t matter what had or hadn’t been done before, or how seemingly insurmountable the task,” she revealed. “If you really want something, you go after it. You create a new reality.”

She added, “James didn’t start off as an inventor or an engineer. But he found a way to fill the gaps where technology was lacking, resulting in groundbreaking advances in the film industry. I didn’t have a background in business. But I saw a need and felt compelled to act.”

Alba shared her game changing moment as part of a new career series on LinkedIn that features other celebrities like celebrities including Kumail NanjianiRachel Zoe and more.

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