Jacqie Rivera Reveals the Secrets Behind Her 70-Pound Weight Loss and Transformation

Jacqie Rivera talks about new life after single mom and after 70-pound weight loss. The star of Universo's reality show The Riveras opens up about her amazing transformation.

Reality star Jacqie Rivera lost a whopping 70 pounds and feels as amazing as she looks. The daughter of Jenni Rivera and famous sibling shares her weight-loss journey in the new season of Universo’s reality show The Riveras, airing in March. The 27-year-old also reveals what her divorce process from the father of her children has been like and how she is adapting to her new life as a single mom.

Her transformation inspiration? “What motivated me is my children. I was starting to see that I didn’t have enough energy to be a good mom, and I wanted to be a good example,” she said about working toward a healthier lifestyle in a promotional video she shared with PEOPLE CHICA. “As you can see in my social media, I’m staying focused. I don’t work out all the time but when I can — and I’m just eating healthy. It actually makes me feel better. I just have more energy now, so I think I’m going to keep doing it.”

Jacqie BEFORE!
(Courtesy of Universo)

Jacqie — in her fuller figure “before” photo in pink dress (above) — began her metamorphosis in October 2016 by waking up at 5:30 in the morning, before her children, and doing cardio on exercise machines at home. She also said goodbye to junk food, including sodas and her favorite chili chips. Learning to eat nutritious and balanced meals and having a more active lifestyle allowed her to shed the unwanted pounds. She is now using a personal trainer to get more toned.

JACQIE Rivera feature

“It’s sometimes overwhelming doing everything I do,” she admitted. “Being a single mom of three and working for my mom’s nonprofit organization and even trying to pursue my own dreams and goals. It’s all balance. And staying close to God because that’s the only way I can stay sane.”

Jacqie TOUT
Courtesy of Universo

She also opens up about divorce from Mike Campos after five years of marriage in the upcoming third season of the reality show, which also stars her siblings, Chiquis Rivera, Johnny Lopez, Jenicka Lopez and Mikey Marin. “On The Riveras you guys are going to be able to see me in my whole process of being separated and trying to make it work and then finally going through the divorce process. I’m trying to stay positive. It’s hard, it’s a big change, but that’s life and I have to keep pushing. I have three kids to live for so I got to stay strong,” she added.

Jacqie admits that being a mother has helped her understand her own mom, the late Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, better. “I think my kids are my life-savers. Without them, I think I’d be completely crazy. I’m not a perfect mom and now I understand my mom so much more. I think I used to be hard on her and now I can understand what it’s like to be a single mom,” she admitted. “I don’t want to pretend that I’m a perfect mom. I want them to see me for what I am and show them that no, we are never going to be perfect, but we can fight to be better, and they are the reason that I’m better.”

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