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September 15, 2017 06:21 PM

Brought to you by the editors of People en Español. 

For many celebrities, it’s a lifelong dream to receive a star on the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame, which was established in 1958. The person who chooses who does–and does not–get one of these coveted plaques on the world-famous sidewalk is a diminutive Latina named Ana Martinez. She’s the vice president of media relations for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and producer of Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies.

“It’s a very unique job and this Latin girl’s doing it. It’s kind of crazy,” said the Half-Mexican and half-Peruvian VP to NBC News. “When I got married, my boss told me to keep my last name because he said they wanted people to know we have a Spanish-speaking person the media can talk to.”

The mother-of-two earned the name of “Stargirl,” after 30 years in her position, climbing the ladder from receptionist to vice president.

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Martinez also confessed to the news outlet that her job isn’t an easy one as it involves plenty of letdowns. “We turn away a lot of people. It’s the worst part of my job,” she said. “But, it is a tourist attraction, so we’d like people who are well-known.”

She also revealed that the late Tejana superstar Selena Quintanilla would be getting a star, but still has no release date planned. She also said that Johnny Depp and Marilyn Monroe’s stars are the most popular. “If I had a dollar for every photo taken of Depp’s star, I’d be a millionaire,” said Martinez.

Donald Trump’s is the most the most vandalized, according to Martinez, who was gifted a star five years ago for her work.

And who would Martinez like to see get a star?  Adele, Pink, Gwen Stefani, and Clint Eastwood for the sake of their legions of fans.

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