Pit Bull
Credit: Getty Images

Two pit bulls in Brandon, FL were in the right place at the right time when a highly venomous snake approached 4-year-old Zayden and 1-year-old Mallory while they were playing in their front yard this past weekend.

The family dogs, Slayer and Paco, fled to protect the grandchildren of Melissa Butt and began barking at the copperhead snake, but the deadly reptile struck and bit them both and injected them with its venom. One of the dogs suffered wounds to his face and snout from biting it while the other was bitten on the elbow.

Slayer, 3, and Paco, 9 months, were immediately taken to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital under emergency care and were treated right away with anti-venom.

“As bad as it is, we are lucky and blessed,” Butt wrote in her Facebook post. “Paco and Slayer are my heroes as it could have been one of the kids!”

It was with the assistance of animal rescue group Frankie’s Friends that Butt was able to pay for medical costs after the organization raised enough money for the expensive treatment. “Frankie’s Friends has been a blessing to our hero,” the grandmother wrote on her Facebook while updating her followers on Slayer’s health.

Paco is back home healthy and acting normally while Slayer, who was adopted by the family three years ago, is still recovering at the veterinary but is doing a lot better.

The family continues to raise money for the medical treatments of the pups and any funds raised above the goal would go to other pets in need.

Bravo to these heroic canines!