Xinhua/Nicolas Celaya via Getty Images
June 29, 2017 04:30 PM

Tania Dalai celebrated her coming-of-age with a Harry Potter party that looks straight out of the J.K Rowling books— setting the bar for magical quinceañeras. A video was posted on YouTube giving a look into the 15-year-old’s bash that included golden snitches, wands, and robes.

The venue, inspired by the popular book and movie franchise, was set up to look like the Great Hall at Hogwarts with long tables and banners of the four houses at Hogwarts hanging from the ceiling. Sorry, Hermione. Movie posters were customized to have Tania replace Hermione Granger alongside characters Harry Potter and Ron Wesley. Each champagne glass was topped with a Quidditch golden snitch and every dinner plate had a magic wand.

Although Dalai kept it the traditional with the girls in her court wearing formal pink gowns, the guys—called chambelanes—and even her parents were dressed as wizards in Hogwarts robes. The star of the party represented the Gryffindor house wearing a scarlet dress and makeup.

Watch the Harry Potter-themed festivities in the video below:

The last quinceañera to make headlines was the viral party of Rubí Ibarra García, which drew in 20,000 guests from a Facebook invite and took place on a ranch last year. There were major sponsors from Mexican companies and local celebrities. A mayor from a nearby state also presented Rubí with a 2016 Chevrolet Spark so that she can drive to school. The buzz behind this party led to García becoming an online star throughout Mexico and Latin America.

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