The entire cast of On Your Feet!, the musical based on Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan's life story, celebrates Emilio's 65th birthday, along with Gloria herself.



Gloria Estefan celebrated her husband Emilio Estefan’s 65th birthday on Mar. 4. The Cuban singer, 60, shared a sweet snap of herself with the music producer when they first started dating in 1975.

“Happy birthday baby! From the first of your birthdays that we shared as a couple when you turned 23 to this momentous one at 65 I’ve treasured each moment we’ve spent together, been thankful for each of the hardships that have made us grow stronger, wiser and closer and have thanked the universe for putting you on my path,” she says. “Here’s to the birthdays to come and all the love in our future! I love you, mi morito!”

Emilio’s daughter, singer Emily Estefan, also posted sweet words about her dad on Instagram: “The strength of one man only illuminates fully through the eyes of his passion. A passion that stays alive through thick and thin, and is always feeding the world,” she wrote. “This is what an American looks like. Happy birthday pops, I love you.”

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Estefan also received an affectionate birthday greeting from the cast of On You Feet!, the musical inspired by his life and love story with Gloria Estefan starting from the formation of the Miami Sound Machine, the Latin band he established in 1975, which Gloria helped soar to mega success when she joined in 1977.

In the video greeting, the entire cast, who is currently performing the show in Dallas, erupts into happy birthday in English and Spanish, with a little conga flavor.

Gloria Estefan also shared a family portrait of her husband’s birthday celebration in Miami, which included their kids Emily and Nayib, their 5-year-old grandson Sasha, and Emilio niece, TV host Lili Estefan, among other members of the big familia. “Our beautiful family celebrating @emilioestefanjr birthday!” Gloria wrote.