Gina Rodriguez and Other Celebrities Respond to the 'Pink Tax'

Here's what celebs have to say about the "pink tax,"  the extra financial burden placed on women for certain products and services.

Gina Rodriguez at the 'Today' show in NYC
Photo: Rainmaker Photo/MediaPunch

In this PEOPLE CHICA series on the “pink tax,” we explore why women are charged more money for certain services — like mami’s dry cleaning — and products (razors) than men. In 40 states, tampons and pads are not tax exempt while viagra is in Illinois. And on average, women spend a whopping $1300 more each year than men do because of the “pink tax.” In this video roundup, Ellen DeGeneres makes fun of a pink pen that is double the cost of a non-gendered pen and former President Barack Obama says the pink tax is the result of more men being in power. Latina powerhouse Gina Rodriguez and Ashley Judd take it up a notch and rail against the wage gap. In our inaugural post on the “pink tax” phenomenon last week, we noted the average pay for Latinas working full-time in the United States is 54 cents to every dollar a white, non-Hispanic man earns. Meanwhile, white women earn 80 cents for every dollar a white man earns, which is why the “pink tax” is especially harmful for Latinx and other women of color in the United States.

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