Whether he’s the opening act of a Justin Bieber concert or garnering millions of views on his YouTube channel, Rudy Mancuso continues to scale new heights. The digital star, who is producing his first network TV show and is currently in a body spray and dry spray campaign with AXE, shifted from Vine-short clips to full-length videos on YouTube and has reached nearly 3 million subscribers.

The 25-year-old influencer sits down with People Chica to share five things his fans might not know about him.

His mind moves as quickly as social media so it’s the perfect medium for him.

The rising star credits social media with creating the ideal platform for his work: “Social media has been more than instrumental for me and my career because it’s really the only and best way for someone like me who is constantly creating and constantly has ideas to get those ideas out very quickly and to a large amount of people almost instantly,” he says.

His first love was music.

“I was studying music and video production in school. Someone introduced to me the idea of social media through Vine,” he says. Vine, a video-sharing app that allows users to create six-second clips, opened the door to other platforms for Mancuso, who now produces segments as long as 30 minutes.

He never knows in advance how an idea will unfold.

“Some ideas are very sporadic and improv-based. I just have a crazy idea that I think would translate well and I start writing it down, and I start shooting it sometimes that day,” he explains. “Other times they linger for a little longer, and I try to figure out how to translate it into a way that makes sense, especially for the Internet.”

Mancuso unplugs with family and friends.

When he isn’t creating content, he completely disconnects to spend time with his loved ones. “When I’m not creating, I try to stay as far away from this stuff as possible. I love spending time with the people I love and unwind,” he says.

He loves exploring new places.

Mancuso, whose family hails from Brazil and Italy, is a big fan of travel—and seeks to remain present while on vacation. “I try my best to enjoy authentic moments,” he says, by forgoing his work when immersing himself in a new country.

Check out Rudy Mancuso’s videos on his YouTube channel.