By Thatiana Diaz
July 19, 2017 06:42 PM

Almost seven years have passed since Gerard Piqué ended his relationship with Spanish actress Núria Tomás to start a romance with Shakira. Since then, the soccer player’s former girlfriend has remained silent in regards to his growing family.

Now, the actress is breaking her silence and ensures that she does not hold a grudge against Piqué, who she held a romance with at the age of 17. The relationship began in 2009 and ended when Shakira entered the life of the athlete the following year. Although she experienced heartbreak after the split, all has been forgotten.

“Gerard [Piqué] is a good person, and you have to wish good people the best,” Tomás told Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. “The wound has been closed for years. And for years I have wished him well.”

Credit: Shakira/Instagram
Credit: Eduardo Parra/WireImage

She admitted that she has never been interested in putting her personal life out in public, so she has always remained tight-lipped about her relationship with the FC Barcelona defender.

“I have been called many times for interview requests, and I have always refused to speak. I cannot deny that I was with a person in the public eye, but I have never made my relationship public; that would go against my principles.”

“I have nothing to speak about when it comes to my private life and if I wasn’t an actress, nor about my professional life.”

She is now sticking to concentrating on her artistic career while leaving behind any hardships. And it was clear that she has no resentments when the actress was asked whether she’d dance to a Shakira song. “Of course!” she bluntly responded.

Reporting by Carolina Amézquita Pino