By Pia Velasco
September 26, 2017 12:53 PM
SEMAR Mexico/Twitter

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By now, everybody knows who Frida the rescue dog is: the famous yellow lab helped save the lives of 52 people following Mexico’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake last week. Pictures of Frida wearing her Marine vest, protection boots, and goggles, quickly went viral, shooting her to stardom. Now, the brand Twnpns is using her image to help fundraise for the quake’s victims.

Inspired by how quickly Mexican citizens organized to help their compatriots, Twnpns founders, Ster Aguirre and Ivan Mayorquin stepped up in the best way they knew how – making quirky pins. Frida, and the entire Paw Squad, as the group of canines who assisted rescue efforts are known, became symbols of love and hope in Mexico, rendering Frida the perfect icon to put on their charitable pins.

The business partners are selling Frida pins for 150 pesos (approximately $8) and are donating 100% of the proceeds to the Mexican Red Cross.

The pins, unfortunately, are temporarily sold out. However, Mexicans who want to keep the brave pup’s visage in circulation are now petitioning to have Frida be the face of the 500 peso bill, replacing Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo who both currently, and separately, front the new bills.

“We’re so thankful to all of those who came together, because all of that is a collective effort,” Aguirre said of the people who volunteered in the aftermath of the earthquake. “We ask that they don’t stop, and as for us, we’ll continue to think of the best ways to help.”

While we wait for the Frida pins to be re-stocked, you can help victims of the Mexico City earthquake by donating to organization such as Global Giving, the Mexican Red Cross, and Fondo Unido Mexico.