Dominican TV hosts and former beauty queens Francisca Lachapel and Clarissa Molina will do dance-off on Univision award show Premio Lo Nuestro as a tribute to late Salsa queen Celia Cruz.

By Lena Hansen
January 31, 2018 02:06 PM
Alexander Tamargo/Getty

Francisca Lachapel and Clarissa Molina have a lot in common: They’re both Dominican, television hosts, and beauty queens who won their crowns on the reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina. Now, the duo, good friends, will find out if they’ve got dance skills in common.

It all started when Molina, 26, who is a reporter on Univision’s entertainment show El Gordo y la Flaca, challenged Lachapel, a host of the morning show Despierta América on the same network, to a dance-off. “When will Francisca Lachapel show us her moves?” Molina provocatively wrote on Instagram Jan. 25. The post generated endless comments from fans excited by the prospect of seeing the Dominican beauties vie for the “best dancer” title. (The pair memorably competed on Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2016 when Lachapel won the crown. Molina nabbed the honor the following season.)

Lachapel accepted the dance duel and the two spoke on Despierta América about their forthcoming competition, which will be staged on the music award show Premio Lo Nuestro, airing February 22 at 8 p.m. ET on Univision. “Dance is not my forté,” Lachapel admitted on the morning show. “I confidently said ‘I accept’ and then thought to myself: ‘What did I just do?’ but you know I don’t quit and we are preparing something spectacular for all of you.”

Both are taking lessons with choreographer Anibal Marrero to prepare for the big night. Molina, whom her fans call “the Dominican JLO,” talked to about their upcoming performance: “This will be a major production, with fifty-something dancers. I thought I could dance until I saw them!” she joked. Lachapel added: “I thought we would make a little video. This is a big thing. If I tell you I’m not scared, I would be lying to you.” For a fleeting moment, Lachapel considered backing out, but she decided to face her challenger at all costs: “You’re going to see a wild beast!”, Lachapel joked, referring to her new and improved dance skills.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty

The Dominican stars’ dance-off will be a tribute to the late salsa queen Celia Cruz.