Amelia Vega
Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

When it comes to celebrity parents, there’s no messing with their children. That includes former Miss Universe Amelia Vega who responded to an Instagram user who criticized her daughter Alía Horford’s hair.

Earlier this week, Vega posted an adorable picture of her 9-month-old daughter captioning it: “A smile from Alía for all of you #9Months #MyBabyGirl.” In the photo, the baby’s hair is in an updo with a small pink bow, and a follower subsequently left a disparaging comment calling it “bad hair.”

The Dominican beauty queen quickly came to the defense of her baby, writing in Spanish, “Do you have nothing better to do than criticize a baby’s hair on the Internet? No hair is bad because I have yet to meet one that has killed a person. You don’t know my daughter or me to go around giving your opinion of what you haven’t seen. Since I saw you read the Bible and have a psalm on your profile I recommend you look for the verse ‘out of the abundance of the heart, his mouth speaks.’”

The commenter’s profile has since been deleted from the social network.

Vega’s followers have left countless comments supporting her baby’s natural hair. “But where is this girl with bad hair? People can’t find a way to express their negativity and have to come and do it with an innocent little girl,” wrote one follower.

The ex-Miss Universe and her husband, NBA player Al Horford, had Alía, their second child, last November.