Maite Perroni defends gay kiss between two male characters in the Mexican soap opera Papá a Toda Madre after the scene causes an uproar.

By Lena Hansen
November 20, 2017 09:43 AM
Credit: (Photo by Luis Ortiz/Clasos/LatinContent/Getty Images)

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Maite Perroni, the star of Mexican soap opera Papá a Toda Madre (Televisa), defended a controversial kiss between two male characters on the show. The network’s decision to include a gay scene in the prime time telenovela generated mixed reactions. On social media, some applauded the network’s groundbreaking storyline, while others argued that it was inappropriate and offensive.

One fan tweeted: “Bravo. Love is Love.” Another took a more critical view: “Parents we need to open our eyes about our children’s education because they want to invert our moral values and forcing our kids [and] grandkids to change the natural order that God created since the beginning of the world. Man and woman should form families.”

The ultraconservative organization CitizenGO launched a petition that garnered 25,000 signatures demanding the show be removed from the line up for “normalizing homosexuality.”

On Nov. 14, Maite Perroni defended the gay scene played by actors Andrés Uno and Raúl Coronado and appealed to the public for greater tolerance via Instagram: “Papá a Toda Madre doesn’t stop telling real stories with respect, with love and quality. I am very proud to be part of this path and of this story that reflects what we live today in our society and our own families,” she wrote.

Some of her fans were not pleased with her support: “I’m so sad about Maite. I have always followed her and she wasn’t like that. Fame has damaged her. She is unrecognizable. She fell off my pedestal.”

The gay characters — one’s a vet, the other’s a detective — are in love and live together and dream of becoming parents one day. In the controversial scene, which airs this week, the same-sex duo share a loving kiss in front of shocked neighbors. Perroni commended the producers for pushing the envelope.

“I’m very glad that we are speaking out for respect and I support the diversity of families that form based on love and compromise no matter what their sexual preferences are, leaving behind prejudices,” she wrote on social media. “Let’s allow every individual on this planet to live and be authentic. Whatever is based on love cannot be bad.”