These fans are convinced Amazon's Super Bowl commercial won the highest rankings because of rapper Cardi B. Here's why.

By Thatiana Diaz
February 07, 2018 11:13 AM

Alexa, or should we say, Balexa, stole the show last Sunday.

Amazon aired their newest commercial online last week ahead of the 52nd Super Bowl on Feb. 4 and aired it again during the fourth quarter of football’s biggest game. Now the numbers are in and the ad from the online retail giant ranks highest among marketing professionals and consumers. Among marketing pros surveyed by Ad Age‘s Morning Consult “Alexa Loses Her Voice” was voted the most entertaining and best overall ad, and USA Today‘s Super Bowl Ad Meter, which is based on consumer responses, gave the spot its highest ranking.

In the ad, when Alexa, Amazon’s popular virtual assistant who can answer questions like “What’s the weather in New York City,” suddenly loses her voice, familiar faces — celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, actress Rebel Wilson, actor Sir Anthony Hopkins and more — step in as her colorful replacements, including chart-topping rapper Cardi B, whose appearance was a fan favorite. The Bronx-born artist makes a joke of a student asking how close Mars is to Earth in her distinct accent complete with her odd bird-like sounds: “Who far is Mars? Well how’m I supposed to know I never been there! This guy wanna to go to Mars! For what? There’s not even oxygen there!”


At another point in the commercial, a restrained, somber man asks Alexa to play some mellow country music and gets hilariously blasted with Cardi B’s record-breaking hit “Bodak Yellow.” Fans of the singer turned to social media to celebrate Cardi’s unforgettable bit.

Check out all the hype:

For fans who didn’t get enough Cardi action from the commercial, Amazon added the performer’s voice to the home device in real life. Now users can ask: “Alexa, did Cardi B. like being Alexa?” and the rapper will answer herself.