Eva Mendes looks stunning in new Avon campaign for Eve Duet fragrance she shared on social media. See it here.
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Cuban American actress Eva Mendes is the new face of Avon fragrance Eve Duet, a perfume bottle that comprises two complementary scents.

“I adapt, I blend. I rise to the occasion. I go with my moods, I evolve as I go. No one word defines me. In one, I am many,” the fashion designer says in the ad campaign’s newly released video.

The double-headed perfume bottle allows customers to wear each fragrance separately or layer the scents to create a unique blend.

The mother of two posted the commercial version of the ad —which details the unique perfume bottle— on Instagram on Nov. 15. In it, Mendes laughs, playfully eats a bowl of spaghetti, and sprays herself with the scent.

Last month, Mendes teased the campaign, sharing an image of the Avon print ad in which she holds the bottle: “SO excited to be the face of Eve Duet, the new fragrance by Avon,” she wrote, “Wear each side individually or mix together in any combination for a whole new scent….the possibilities are endless. ”

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“I want the fragrance I wear to reflect every aspect of me,” the beauty says in another print ad for the perfume, showcasing her portrait and highlighting her roles outside entertainment. “More than one woman. Hollywood actress, business woman, mother,” the copy reads. They forgot to add one of her most enviable roles:Ryan Gosling’s love of six years.