Eva Longoria's English Reboot of Hit Spanish Series 'Gran Hotel' Coming to ABC

Mom-to-be Eva Longoria will produce an English-language version of the popular Spanish series Grand Hotel for ABC.

Pregnancy has not slowed Eva Longoria down when it comes to her workload.

The Mexican-American actress and producer has taken on the English adaptation of the hit Spanish television series Gran Hotel. Airing on ABC, the reboot is set at the titular establishment in Miami Beach, where a façade of perfection masks an array of dark secrets among the family that owns it and the staff that runs it.

The original popular period drama — which takes place in 1905 Spain and has been called the Spanish Downton Abbey — centers on a working-class man desperately searching for his missing sister and getting a job at the hotel where she worked to investigate her disappearance. As the brother gains allies in his quest, characters’ storylines intertwine and mysteries of the hotel are revealed.

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Beginning in 2011, the suspenseful series aired on Spain’s Antenna 3 for three seasons and since then, dubbed versions have been shown everywhere from Turkey to Estonia. Gran Hotel also inspired another Spanish-language production by Mexican network Televisa, El Hotel De Los Secretos, which aired on Univision in 2016.

Written by Brian Tanen, the new version, Grand Hotel, will be a collaboration between Longoria and Ben Spector’s UnveliEVAble Entertainment and ABC Studios. Soon U.S. English-speaking audiences will be able to check in — and without subtitles.

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