Actor Eugenio Derbez on His 'Overboard' Reboot and Preparing for His First Grandchild

Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez talks family life and his forthcoming first grandchild. He also shares a few thoughts on his forthcoming remake of the 1987 hit starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's Overboard.

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Eugenio Derbez is counting down the days until he becomes a grandfather for the first time. The Mexican comedian and producer, who is the star and co-producer of the upcoming comedy Overboard with Anna Faris and Eva Longoria, says he is ready to change diapers again. “I’m going to be there. I’m saving that day on my calendar,” Derbez, 55, says of the day his daughter, actress Aislinn Derbez, 31, gives birth. Although her delivery is set for early March, the baby — a girl — could come any day now so that family is on high alert and rushing to prepare. In fact, Derbez just helped his son-in-law, actor Mauricio Ochmann, build his granddaughter’s crib and has been spending time with the happy parents-to-be at their home in Los Angeles. “I carried some furniture and helped Aislinn with the baby’s room,” Derbez says. “I’m enjoying it.”

The actor’s wife, singer and actress Alessandra Rosaldo, who is the mother of his youngest daughter Aitana, 3, has also been a big help to Aislinn, who will become a mom for the first time. “We have been giving her all of Aitana’s things,” Derbez says about the toys and clothes his granddaughter will inherit from her very young aunt. “We have been giving them lots of advice and spending time together. They are taking the same maternity classes that we took before Aitana was born,” he adds.

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Derbez admits that having two daughters of such different ages is a little bewildering at times. “It’s very strange when I see them together because Aislinn is already a grown woman and my youngest is still a baby, a tender little thing,” he says. “They both love each other so much and are very similar. Aitana reminds me so much of Aislinn when she was little, and every second I’m with Aitana I remember Aislinn’s childhood.”

The actor and comedian, who’s had big screen successes with comedies such as How To Be A Latin Lover with Salma Hayek and Instructions Not Included, assures that he’ll be a hands-on grandpa. “Aislinn is so afraid of not knowing how to change a diaper. I tell her that if Mauricio is traveling I will take care of the baby,” he says.

The actor plays a central role in fathering his youngest daughter Aitana too. “There are days that I need to bathe her, dress her, take her to school,” he says of his little girl, and says he’s grateful he found the best life partner and mother in Rosaldo. “She is the best mother I know,” he proudly says. Rosaldo often travelled to Vancouver last year while he was filming Overboard so the family could spend a few days together. In return, Derbez stays home with the toddler in Los Angeles when his other half has concert dates in Mexico. Their mutual regard for one another helps sustain a happy balance in their home.

Besides counting down the days to welcome his granddaughter, the Mexican star is looking forward to the premiere of Overboard, a remake of the 1987 classic comedy by the same name starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, coming to theaters April 2o. “It has a lot of laughs and a lot of heart,” he promises.

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