'Baby Driver'' s Eiza González Talks Impeaching Donald Trump, New Projects and Why She Loves Being Latina

Eiza Gonzalez
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It-girl Eiza González reached stardom in her native Mexico as a telenovela star before landing a breakout role on T.V. series From Dusk Till Dawn in 2015. Since then, she’s nabbed a major part in Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver, starring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, and Jon Hamm and begun work on three new film projects. The Neutrogena Brand Ambassador is now using her ever-expanding platform to give voice to fellow Latinos in the United States in the wake of Donald Trump’s termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). She sat down with People Chica to talk about the current administration’s immigration policies, her latest projects and skincare routine.

Next year you’ll be starring in Alita: Battle Angel asNyssiana. What can you tell us about her?

I can’t say anything! But what I can tell you is that it’s a sci-fi movie starring Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz and Jennifer Connelly. I had the luck of taking on an incredible character who is so completely different from any other I’ve played. I’m also really excited and proud to play a character like her, as a Latina, and not having any stereotypes imposed on her. It shows that Latinos can be represented in a thousand different ways.

You’ll also be starring in a Robert Zemeckis’ forthcoming The Women of Marwen.

Yes! It stars Steve Carell, Gwendoline Christie, Diane Kruger, and Leslie Mann. I love my character because she’s pretty cool and I’ll be representing a Latina in a way that’s completely different from anything I’ve ever seen before.

As a proud Latina, what’s your favorite thing about being Mexican?

Everything. I love being Latina. I love our values, the way we’re so in touch with others, our dark humor, how fun we are, how relaxed we are. I love how hard working, independent, and ambitious we are. They educate us woman to be such hard workers. The truth is, the longer I spend outside of my country, the more I appreciate our culture and the more thankful I am for the education, values, and religion that I was brought up with as a child. I love my skin tone. I love the color of my eyes, and I love my explosive and fiery personality.

What are your hopes for fellow Latinos living in the United States in the current political climate?

It’s a very critical moment for us. We have to create awareness, take action, and be united. I really mean it, I’m not just saying it because it’s a trendy topic and everyone’s talking about coming together. It’s important for Mexican-Americans to vote so there can be changes regarding immigration, especially since DACA is such an important issue and there are so many people that will be deported to our country, a country that they’ve actually never even lived in or known. That could be bad for Mexico’s infrastructure because it’s already overpopulated and there’s so much poverty.

Have you been involved in relief efforts after the devastating earthquake in Mexico?

I’d love to be in Mexico and help the people affected by it, but I do what I can [from afar]. I’m lucky to have a voice in the United States. I can share my point of view with Americans, educate people about Mexican culture, and tell them how unfair some of the current circumstances are. It’s very important for me to be vocal about it. I feel I have a great responsibility to be an active Latina. I’ve been rallying for DACA, and in the summer, I’ll be rallying again so that people are aware that if certain senators are elected they can help impeach Donald Trump.

On a lighter note, what’s the secret behind your gorgeous skin?

I try to stay hydrated. I drink a lot of water. That’s my secret. I use a lot of sunblock, which is something I learned from my mother at a young age–to stay out of the sun and be careful of skin cancer. We live in a time where global warming is at its maximum level. The o-zone is destroyed, and our skin is exposed to sunbeams on a daily basis.

What’s your advice to young girls who feel the constant pressure to meet unrealistic beauty expectations?

I try to look as good as possible, but I wouldn’t say I always look good because I’m human and that’s normal. I like to tell little girls that not everyday is going to be your best day, and that you won’t look pretty every day either, and that that’s OK. But it is important to take care of yourself. Along with drinking a lot of water, exercise because it keeps your stamina and endorphin levels high and it gives you a lot of energy.

So what products do you use on a day-to-day basis?

It doesn’t matter how late I get home after being on set or at an event, I use Neutrogena’s Double Cleansing Method every day. Neutrogena also has makeup remover wipes that are really easy to use, so I always take the small ones in my bag and I’ll start taking my makeup off in the car. I always wash my face with their Deep Clean Gentle Scrub because it doesn’t clog pores and it’s important to clean pores out. You can do it in five minutes. Never go to bed with makeup on.

Eiza Gonzalez, Neutrogena, Skincare
Courtesy of Neutrogena

If you were on a deserted island, what products would you take with you?

I’d take sunblock, Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Gel-Cream and Hydrating Lip Treatment. For my hair, I’d take the Olaplaex treatment, which has a lot of hair-repairing ingredients like coconut oil.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When my skin is hydrated, pretty, radiant, and healthy. When I’m not in my prime, I feel like I hide myself, as if I were embarrassed. With time, I’ve noticed that [feeling good] comes from within and from discipline. Through working with Neutrogena, I’ve also learned just how important it is to take care of your skin. In the same way that we exercise and eat healthy, we have to take care of our skin and love ourselves. As a woman, it’s so important to take care of yourself. Sometimes we’re too hard on ourselves. I love motivating other women to love each other and themselves.

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