By Thatiana Diaz
October 12, 2017 04:50 PM

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Mexican soap opera star Eduardo Yáñez lost his temper during a red carpet interview in Hollywood and aggressively hit a Univision reporter in the middle of an on-camera conversation.

The actor got violent during an interview with journalist Paco Fuentes from the Spanish-language television program EL Gordo y La Flaca (Univision) on the red carpet of an event held Tuesday in Los Angeles. Yáñez was bothered by the journalist’s personal questions about his relationship with his son Eduardo Jr, with whom he has a fraught relationship. Recently, his son described him as “a drug addict, racist [who] abuses women.”

In response to his son’s allegations, he reportedly said: “I’ve never been a parent who has felt right giving advice. My life has not been an example to [to live by] for anyone.” He also stressed that he would always be there for his son.

JC Olivera/Getty Images

“If you’re so worried about my son,” Yáñez said in reply to Fuentes’s question, “send him the money, or you go and talk to him.”

The journalist quickly defended himself by saying he is only asking what the public wants to know. “That’s bull—,” Yáñez responded, “That’s what you say to get people involved in what they don’t care about. But the concerned one is you, brother. You go and tell [my son] what you have to say.”

Fuentes started to say, “Just remember that the press is the link between,” when the Mexican actor got visibly upset and said: “You are a pure a—. Do not disrespect me.”

Things then took a turn for the worst when Yáñez struck the reporter on the head. The journalist tried to avoid his lunge, but wasn’t able to.

Watch the moment below:

As a source close to the actor told People en Español that Yáñez is very sorry for his behavior,  but adds: “He was defending his family and his word after all the harassment from the press….No one likes to react like this, but if they provoke you that much and say things that hurt the ones around you, you wouldn’t allow it.”