By Thatiana Diaz
June 30, 2017 04:24 PM
Credit: Instagram/101greatgoals

Soccer games can get pretty intense and it’s easy to find fans of the sport glued to their television sets or phone screens making sure to not miss any buzz-worthy plays at any time of the day, whether they’re at work, school or at a bar. This passion for soccer was more than evident in an Instagram video where doctors pause a surgery to watch—and react—to an exciting ending of Chile vs. Portugal in the FIFA Confederations Cup Semi-Final.

In the video, as soon as Chile’s goalkeeper Claudio Bravo blocks Portugal’s João Moutinho’s shot in the penalty shootout, the medical professionals in the operating room—wearing surgical attire and masks—react to the dramatic play with screams of excitement.

Those doctors had much to celebrate as Chile is on its way to it’s third straight International final after winning the Copa América for the last two years in a row. Bravo had an impressive game, stopping penalty shots by three opposing players. “This is very important to us because it’s like completing a very successful cycle,” Bravo told AP. “We are very happy to be able to play in the final.”

Chile will compete against Germany in the finals on Sunday in St. Petersburg. “We have made a huge effort, and I think you could see it during the game,” said Juan Antonio Pizzi, Chile’s coach. Well, the doctors who paused the surgery definitely saw that effort!