Skincare Expert Warns Millennials About Trying DIY Beauty Treatments

Not every beauty treatment is right for you! Skincare expert Maribel Pedrozo gives millennials advice on what beauty treatments and rituals to avoid.

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Dying to try that trending holiday-season beauty trick? First brush up on some “dos and don’ts” from Colombian master skincare expert Maribel Pedrozo. The owner of Biobell Oriental MedSpa in Miami, who sees famous clients such as actress and TV host Adamari Lopez, has some advice for those looking to experiment on their youthful skin by mimicking the latest YouTube craze. Pedrozo, known as “the beauty alchemist,” says you cannot follow every trend you read about online or see staged in a video. “Each skin is different, has its own language, and what works on a blogger or celebrity, may not work on you,” she tells PEOPLE CHICA.

“In our practice we see young girls come in with burned, irritated, inflamed or infected skin after using laser treatments or masks they bought online, or trying on home remedies they saw on their favorite beauty Youtube channel or blog,” she adds. “Sometimes skin damage is irreversible, so there are certain things you should avoid.”

Here, the creator of “Skin Tips 101” gives us some guidelines.

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1. Don’t follow a beauty blogger’s advice or try a skin treatment from a magazine without first consulting with your dermatologist or a licensed beautician.

2. Don’t try a new product on your entire face without first testing it on a small patch of skin on your inner arm.

3. Retinol is not for you. Don’t self-medicate!

4. You don’t need to go crazy with anti-wrinkle creams. Young skin only needs sunblock and moisturizer on a daily basis.

5. If you have acne, don’t experiment with random treatments without consulting a dermatologist first. Some products you see online may actually worsen your condition.

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1. Always use sunblock. It’s your best friend. Don’t leave home without it!

2. Never go to bed with makeup on. No matter how tired you are, wash your face before going to bed with cold water.

3. Say no to sugar. When you eat sweets, your skin ages faster. So control those cravings!

4. Get a facial at least every two months to get rid of blackheads and hydrate your skin.

5. Don’t follow every beauty trend you read. Get to know your own skin and what works for you.

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