Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato are on fire in their new music video "Echame la Culpa."

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Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi get their dance on in new music video “Echame La Culpa” (“Put the Blame on Me”). Singing in Spanish, Lovato debates who is to blame for a relationship gone sour. In the style of Fonsi’s record-breaking music video “Despacito,” “Echame La Culpa” explodes into a lively, colorful party, complete with Samba dancers, while the singers get close on the dance floor.

Fonsi, who took home four trophies from last night’s Latin Grammys, talked to Viva Latino about the story the song tells. “The lyrics are very joyful. It’s that play on words, that famous cliché of ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ that many of us have used,” he joked.

Fans raved when Lovato shared a promotional post of the new single on Nov. 17. The two artists excited fans about a possible collaboration when they began commenting on one another’s social media posts a few weeks ago. “What’s up Demi…” Fonsi wrote in reply to a sexy pic Lovato posted of herself in fishnet stockings. In response, Lovato commented on a photo Fonsi shared. “Hi Fonsi,” she wrote with a tongue-out emoji.

The friendly greetings the duo shared on Instagram two weeks ago, which ignited rumors that the two were flirting, turned out to be a smart promotional tactic: They’re opening lines of their new music video!