Celebrity interior decorator Martin Amado gives tips on how to organize and refresh your home office and closet to bring in new positive energy to your home.

By Lena Hansen
January 18, 2018 10:52 AM

Making your home clutter-free can be an easy New Year’s resolution to achieve — though it might seem daunting at first. Celebrity interior decorator Martin Amado is at your service with tips to revitalize your home office and closet, two busy spaces where clutter thrives!

“Closets should be visually-merchandised just like we see clothes in retail stores when we are shopping. They simply look neater and more attractive this way,” Amado tells PEOPLE CHICA. “Take the time to group your clothes by categories and color: blouses, dress shirts, pants, blazers. Anything that can be folded, such as jeans and T-shirts, can be neatly stacked on shelves to make more room for hanging other items.”

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You can have a glamorous Sex and the City–worthy boudoir with simple organization updates. “Take advantage of the vertical height inside by installing double rods and hooks for belts, purses and ties,” Amado recommends. “For seasonal clothes that are bulkier, invest in storage bins and vacuumed-sealed bags that can be placed underneath the bed when not in use.”

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The Cuban-American TV personality — host of SoFlo Home Project on ABC affiliate WPLG Local 10 and frequent guest on Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día — believes that how we organize and design our workspace can make a big difference in our productivity. “Home offices should complement the rest of your home’s décor and not remind you of a work office when you walk into the room,” he says. A common mistake, he adds, is gravitating to office supply stores for furnishings when any surface can function as a desk: “Think outside the box and shop at thrift stores or flea markets for a vintage and rustic dining or console table that you can refinish or repaint to create a custom piece.”

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Credit: (Courtesy of Martin Amado)

According to Amado, home offices are a great space to get creative with decoration. “Upholstered chairs from your dining table can also be used to give the desk a more stylish look. Floating shelves are great to display books and décor without the need of a traditional bookcase if you have limited floor space. Oversize vintage frames can function as bulletin or message boards by replacing the glass with cork,” he says.

The home-improvement expert, whose book One-Day Room Makeovers – How to Get the Designer Look for Less with Three Easy Steps is due in July, also recommends surrounding yourself with things you love as you accessorize. “Add decorative boxes to organize smaller desk supplies and consider using a console table as a credenza for additional file storage.”

The interior designer is a firm believer in the power of visualization. “I’m also a big fan of creating vision boards in your home office of things you wish to accomplish, both personally and professionally in 2018,” he concludes. “By setting goals and creating an environment that inspires you, you’ll be more productive working from home. It can actually become an enjoyable experience that motivates you to succeed.”