Chris Brown to Jennifer Lopez: 'I Like You and I Want You'

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Jennifer Lopez may be full throttle in love with Alex Rodriguez as the two travel the world, support each other through new ventures and common causes and bring their families together, but the Shade of Blue star’s relationship status isn’t stopping Chris Brown from expressing his desire for her.

Brown spoke to radio host Angie Martinez for an interview with New York-based station Power 105.1 and boldly confessed his lust for Lopez when talking about them working together. “I’m just letting her know — hey, look, I might have just stiffened up a little bit back at the little show because it was a lot of people back there,” he said not specifying what show they met at. “And I was nervous. My palms were sweaty. I said, ‘Hi.’ But, I like you, and I want you.”

Martinez told the R&B singer that Rodriguez might not appreciate his confession, so Brown apologized: “Oh, you know what, playboy?” he said. “My bad!”

Watch Breezy gush over the superstar below:

Even after his mea culpa, Brown continued to gush over the star. “She can get it anytime. 70 years old, I don’t even care,” he said, referencing the 19-year age difference between the two.

When the interviewer referenced Lopez’s appearance on the music video for his single “Questions,” which came out this past August, Brown said: “J. Lo bad man.”

Back in 2014, Lopez spoke to Pop Crush about what it was like to work with Brown on her eighth studio album, A.K.A: “We had a great time working together. He’s a very talented boy,” she said.

Lopez also appeared in the Netflix documentary about the singer’s life, Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life.

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