Chiquis Rivera, the star of NBC Universo's reality show The Riveras, talks about duet with her late mother Jenni Rivera and why she decided to go on social media fast.

By Lena Hansen
February 28, 2018 03:32 PM
Chiquis Rivera
Credit: (Courtesy of NBC Universo)

After going on a social media fast and staying away from the spotlight, Chiquis Rivera made an emotional comeback with the release of her new single, a duet with her mother, late Mexican Banda queen Jenni Rivera.

On Feb. 26, the Mexican singer and reality TV star talked to Pamela Silva of Univision’s news show Primer Impacto about a depression that made her stay away from social media — and the stage — for a few months until recovering emotionally. “The audience forgets that we are human beings and go through things too. I am strong and I want to be strong, but when I’m weak people need to know too. I’m human, I get sad. I thank God that I was smart enough to say: ‘Wait, I need to take some time off, I have to pray to God and clean my spirit so I can feel better,’ ” she said of why she took a break from the public eye to seek professional help and do therapy sessions with a life coach.

It all started in December, when the family commemorated the fifth anniversary of Jenni Rivera’s tragic death in a plane crash in Mexico. “There are many things about the industry that my mom would tell me about and I wouldn’t understand,” she revealed. “Now I feel so much compassion for my mom as an artist and as a woman because I understand her. She would tell me: ‘It’s so hard’ and she would cry, and I didn’t get it. Now I feel that.”

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Chiquis with mom Jenni Rivera
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The new track, titled “Quisieran tener mi lugar” (“You Would Love to Have My Place”) is included in Chiquis’s sophomore album, Entre Botellas, dropping March 16. Her late mother recorded the emotional ballad before her death and their voices are fused in the duet. The lyrics deal with daring to be yourself and not caring about people judging you.

Chiquis confessed she decided not to include the duet with her mom on her first album Ahora — released in 2015 — but now feels it’s the right time. “I feel more confident, I feel ready,” she says. “I didn’t feel ready before vocally, as an artist or as a woman. Besides being her daughter, I admire Jenni Rivera very much as an artist.” She added that she cries every time she hears the song: “It’s an emotion I can’t describe.”

The 32-year-old singer also talked about the upcoming season of the NBC Universo reality show The Riveras, where she shares the spotlight with her siblings Jacqie, Jenicka, Mike and Johnny. “I feel the success of The Riveras has been the fact that we are very raw and honest,” Chiquis, who is also executive producer of the show, said in a press release. “We are all going through changes and are there to support each other. I think my mom would be so proud. With that being said, we are perfectly imperfect.”

In the third season, out March 11, Chiquis explores love with her boyfriend, singer Lorenzo Méndez, as she continues touring the country. Jacqie shares the secrets of her 70-pound weight loss and learns to embrace life as a single mom as she separates from her husband of five years. Mike continues single parenting his autistic daughter Luna and tries his luck with stand-up comedy. Jenicka pursues a plus-size modeling career, while Johnny, the youngest of the siblings, opens up about being in a homosexual relationship.