By Thatiana Diaz
April 20, 2017 06:30 PM

When it comes to her mother’s death, Chiquis Rivera isn’t afraid to be honest about the controversial difficulties that occurred beforehand. While visiting daytime talk show The Real on Thursday, Chiquis and her siblings spoke about their mom Jenni Rivera and the feud the 31-year-old had with the late singer at the time of her tragic death.

“I always say I lost my mom twice,” said Chiquis. “I lost her October 2, 2012, and then when she left all of us December 9.”

She added, “I think more than anything now, I understand it, when things happen for a reason, and it was meant to happen that way, just because I was a couple of steps ahead in the healing process. But it was horrible because it was a huge misunderstanding, it was a huge lie.”

The misunderstanding that she’s referring to goes back to rumors that had sparked of Chiquis allegedly having an affair with her stepfather Esteban Loaiza. From these accusations, Jenni not only ended her marriage with Loaiza in October 2012 but also ended her relationship with her daughter.

“There were a lot of toxic voices around, and I think when you’re in that stardom, you’re in that place, there’s people that want to come near you, and they want to be next to you, and they’ll do anything and say anything,” said Chiquis.

Being optimistic, Chiquis revealed that the “bad times” were actually helpful in the healing process and was what she needed to be strong for her siblings during the loss of their mother.