Latino Actor Posts Meme of Racy J-Rod 'Vanity Fair' Photo As He Continues To Crush on Jennifer Lopez

Carlos Ponce poses as Alex Rodriguez in meme of Vanity Fair photo with Jennifer Lopez

Premios Billboard de la Musica Latina - Season 2017
Photo: John Parra/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty

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Carlos Ponce is a die-hard Jennifer Lopez fan and he wants the world to know it. The singer and actor recently posted a meme where he inserted himself in Alex Rodriguez’s place in the red-hot Vanity Fair photo that features the former baseball player lifting up girlfriend JLo’s dress to reveal her famous booty. “Thank you @vanityfair for a very tasteful shoot,” reads Ponce’s caption. “This is my Halloween outfit,” he adds alongside the meme that shows his face on Rodriguez’s tuxedo-clad body.

The 45 year-old actor of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent —who claims to be enjoying the single life— hasn’t been shy about professing his admiration for the Nuyorican singer and actress. Ponce asked JLo for a kiss on national television last April when he hosted the Billboard Latin Music Awards and presented her with Telemundo’s Star Award. “Sorry but I think JLo is looking at me. She is looking at me and making me nervous,” he joked on air with co-host Kate del Castillo as Lopez watched them from the front row.

Once she came onstage to receive the award, the Couples Retreat actor chanted as Lopez hugged him: “Kiss, kiss!”, which made her smile and her ex husband Marc Anthony laugh from the audience. “You’re funny!” Lopez said to Ponce, who has displayed his sense of humor on social media with other memes featuring the Bronx diva.

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This summer, Ponce posted one of himself alongside Lopez in the sexy black and gold double slit dress she wore to perform her single “Ni tu ni yo” at the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks show in the Big Apple.

He also posted another one inspired by the kiss seen around the world between JLo and Marc Anthony during the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. In the meme above, Ponce is locking lips with his brother, television executive Francisco Ponce. The actor’s followers seem amused with his posts, which get more and more creative, especially when JLo is involved.

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