Camila Cabello's Album Hits No. 1 Worldwide Instantly

A year after her departure from Fifth Harmony, the Cuban-American singer drops her first album to chart-topping success.

Ever since Camila Cabello announced her departure from girl group Fifth Harmony, the world has been waiting for her solo debut. It’s been one year since she broke from the group and the wait is over.

Titled Camila, the album dropped on Jan. 12 to critical acclaim. Just hours after the release, Cabello topped the iTunes Top 100 in over 90 countries and broke the record for most number ones on iTunes for a debut album.

The 20-year-old songstress is already a famed solo act thanks to her chart-topping single “Havana.” The songs in Camila are a clear manifesto of the artist’s mission and roots. The eight brand new tracks (three were pre-released) — called “vulnerable” by Billboard — feel different than her more upbeat debut single, but Cabello remains close to her Latin descent with salsa beats in “She Loves Control.” The singer embraces her acoustic side with “Real Friends” while opening the record with a sultry flavor on “Never Be the Same.”

The album’s cover also appeals to Cabello’s Latin roots. The Cuban-American singer wears a floral, ruffled top and skirt ensemble along with a pair of hoop earrings and messy hair, a look that echoes her “Havana” video style.

Fans on Twitter went crazy over the much-anticipated debut. “Did camila cabello make an album that fits perfectly in my music taste or is my music taste bending around camila cabello?” wrote one commenter. Another wrote, “The more I listen to #CAMILA the more I love it, I swear to god i’m so in love with this album.”

She thanked her fans on social media, saying, “I love you. Thank you.” She also posted a letter addressed to her fans:

Earlier this week, the singer revealed to the New York Times her departure from Fifth Harmony was a difficult choice and claimed she was hurt by her former bandmates’ actions during a live performance at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. Right before they performed their song “Down,” the girl group appeared as five shadowy figures on the stage before one member (seeming to represent Cabello) was pulled off from stage from behind. “It definitely hurt my feelings,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t prepared for it.”

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