November 01, 2017 05:20 PM
Khavir Hussain for People Chica

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Calu Rivero, a well-known Argentinian actress, wants to empower young Latinas who want to break into show business.

Rivero’s acting career took off in her South American homeland, but like other ambitious women, she sought greater opportunities. She hopped on a plane to stake her claim on Hollywood, but La-la land wasn’t what she’d hoped: “It was too much, and I was alone. I was without my dog Leo, who was in Buenos Aires, and I felt so lonely. I couldn’t do it.” Half a year into her stay, she ditched the City ofAngels for her native country to regroup.

Khavir Hussain for People Chica

Four months ago, she mustered the strength to give it another whirl, making her way back to the United States. But this time she headed for the Big Apple. Today, she’s happily living out her version of the American dream in one of New York City’s most fashionable neighborhoods, SoHo, and is represented by powerhouse modeling agency, The Society Management. (Yassss.)

Khavir Hussain for People Chica

Was it difficult acclimating to life in New York City?

I’m super happy in New York. I have friends here that are like family. I feel super comfortable with them. They understand me. They understand the transition. I found it somewhat easy to adjust to the culture. Everything fell right into place, like it was meant to be. It’s emotional at times because I’m so far away from my home, so thank God I have my dog. If I didn’t have my dog, I would be a mess.

Khavir Hussain for People Chica

How do you make it over the bumps, like when you miss your family and friends back home?

I always remind myself that being here is a huge opportunity. To be able to work on my craft with different people that are experienced in the industry all the time? Like, wow, this is amazing.

Khavir Hussain for People Chica

What do you love about acting? 

It’s so universal. Acting means more to me than just being in Hollywood. Every time I go to an acting class and do a scene, my body feels so powerful. That’s how I know this is my passion.

You also recently started taking on deejay gigs. How’d you fall into that? 

I started off deejaying just for fun.Music was always a big part my life. At one of my first deejay gigs, I remember thinking: ‘Ok, I’m at this huge party right now with a lot of people that I don’t know. This is actually happening: I’m becoming a deejay.’  It’s another way for me to connect with people, to show them “the real me.”

Khavir Hussain for People Chica

Tell us something people don’t know about you.

I’m writing an autobiography that will come out in Argentina. I want people to know the whole Calu Rivero: my insecurities, all of my dark moments, and my past experiences in the industry, not just what I’m showing people on Instagram. I also want to give a strong, beautiful message to kids  from small towns, who don’t have the opportunity to go to a big city and work. It’s important for me to guide those who ever felt alone or insecure with acting.


Khavir Hussain for People Chica

Latino identification is big here in the States. Do you prefer to be called Latina or Argentinian?

I love the power of being a Latina. I’m super proud of that. I embrace it. It is part of my identity. If I were ever cast in a Latina role, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. I have the accent for it!

Khavir Hussain for People Chica

What advice would you give to an aspiring actress who doesn’t believe she has the resources to actualize her dream? 

Always stay positive because it might be a hard journey. You have to be strong, super focused, and eventually you have to decide in the end if it’s what you really want. Be patient and honest with yourself. Don’t get caught up in social media. Don’t submit to the pressure to be a certain way. Be your own person. But most importantly, be professional.

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