This Is What Antonio Banderas Looks Like With a Fully Shaved Head and Eyebrows

See Antonio Banderas's radical transformation to play Pablo Picasso in the second season of NaGeo biographical series Genius. (And find out what he's done to improve his health post-heart attack.)

Antonio Banderas close up
Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty

Antonio Banderas has fully morphed into painter Pablo Picasso for the second season of National Geographic’s biographical series Genius. In a press event on March 21 to promote the show in Madrid, the Spanish actor, 57, looked strikingly like the late artist with his shaved head and all-black ensemble.

Banderas appeared to be in great spirits at the event, but told the press his health was still recovering after a heart attack scare in January. The Mask of Zorro actor was hospitalized in England after experiencing chest pains while exercising.

'Genius Picasso' Madrid Photocall
(Photo by Eduardo Parra/FilmMagic)

According to the Daily Mail, the actor revealed he had three stents implanted to widen the narrowed arteries in his heart, but assured the press at the Genius presentation he was in good health: “I suffered a heart attack on January 26. It was a benign attack, it hasn’t caused any permanent damage and now I’m in a recovery period.”

The striking sex symbol has said he takes care of his physique by exercising, eating well and practicing yoga. He also admitted he quit smoking after his heart attack in January. “If there is something good that came from all of this, it is that I suddenly stopped smoking, without needing pills or anything like that,” he told Spanish newspaper Diario Sur. “It’s over!”

Genius premieres on April 24 at 9:00 p.m. on NaGeo.

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