Mexican Comedian Angelica Vale Dishes on Her 'Jane the Virgin' English-TV debut and ''Compadre' ' Jaime Camil

Angelica Vale talks about reuniting with telenovela co-star and friend Jaime Camil in episode of Jane the Virgin, where she had a guest role.

Mexican actress and comedian Angelica Vale scored a role in Jane the Virgin, where she joined longtime friend and former telenovela co-star Jaime Camil. And the age-old chemistry between the two actors was revived on set.

Vale talked to PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL about her appearance on the popular sitcom, which marks her English-language TV debut. “I play a small role. Jaime called me and asked: ‘Compadre, you want to do a scene with me?’ And I obviously didn’t even have to think about it, I said yes immediately. It’s a scene in Spanish with Ivonne Coll,” she said (Coll plays Jane’s grandmother). “You have no idea how much I enjoyed being there. It’s a small part but what matters is that Jaime and I got together again. I thank my compadre for giving me the opportunity to make my debut in American television.”

The episode, which airs March 23 (CW, 9 p.m. EST), was directed by actor and filmmaker Justin Baldoni. “The poor thing had to direct me in Spanish. Imagine that! But they treated me incredibly well,” she added.

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Camil and Vale — who also share credits in the Oscar-winning animated film Coco — were co-stars in the popular Mexican telenovela La Fea Más Bella, a Spanish version of Ugly Betty.

Vale, who is the daughter of iconic Mexican actress and singer Angélica María, said it had been 11 years since she had worked with Camil, who is her daughter Angelica Masiel’s godfather. She adds that everyone on the Jane the Virgin set was impressed by the on-screen chemistry she shares with the Mexican actor. “Jaime and I are really good friends. Our friendship is always there. I see him every once in a while. We both live in Los Angeles, I’m really good friends with his wife, our kids are best friends too.”

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Vale said that she loves Camil’s character on the series: Jane’s dad, a pompous telenovela star. “Rogelio de la Vega has made me laugh from day one,” she says of his role. “I can’t be prouder of my compadre. I care for him a lot. I admire him. I’m super proud of him.”

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