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October 25, 2017 04:03 PM

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Measuring at nearly six feet tall was not always an advantage for the style influencer Andy Torres, especially during her teen years. “My mom couldn’t find clothes for me. I was so sad. I used to be bullied at school,” says the creator of the internationally renowned fashion blog StyleScrapbook. To remedy her youthful struggle, Torres launched AIT, her own brand of casual-cool clothes that women of every height can wear.

As a teen, Torres was convinced that she was destined to be a fashion designer, despite the bullying she suffered at school. At 8-years-old, the Guanajuato, Mexico-native learned how to sew, a skill she would showcase on her blog many years later. Her first posts were about DIY projects. “If liked a Chanel shirt and couldn’t buy it, I would go to the store, get a feel of the fabrics… and I’d do everything by hand,” Torres recalls.


Ten years later, she’s now known for her eclectic and global style and has become a leading voice in the world of fashion. With more than 2.5 million followers, Torres often appears on television and collaborates with prestigious brands such as Canon and Cartier. Despite her enormous blog-driven successes, the desire to design clothes remained strong. “In my heart, I knew that one day I was going to launch a brand, and I wanted it to be a brand that would fit tall women.”

Although AIT line is replete with bold, statement pieces, Torres, who lives in Amsterdam, also wanted then to be very versatile. “The vibe of the brand is minimalist. It’s kind of Scandinavian inspired, but there are basics with a cool touch that you can wear in both the spring and winter,” she said. The prices range from $ 49- $ 129 and includes slip dresses, satin blouses, tops with flared sleeves, long denim jackets, cool detailed skirts and sweaters with unexpected slits. “Each piece has something special. It’s a brand for girls who like to look cool.”


Despite enjoying her work and the fruits of her labor, Torres says it was a long, hard road to actualizing her dreams: “People think that my job is to travel the world, wear nice clothes, and take pretty pictures. That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” she admitted. “I had to create my own company, and breaking into this industry was really hard.”

The fashionista hopes that her success will encourage others to pursue their goals: “It’s very important to me to say that I’m from a small city in Mexico, and inspire people to aim high by saying that if you have the turbo power and will, you can reach your dreams.”

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