November 20, 2017 04:20 PM

Selena Gomez received ripples of criticism from viewers who believe she lip synced during her AMAs performance on Sunday night, but DJ/producer Marshmello, who collaborated with the performer on track “Wolves,” heaped praise on the singer.

“I honestly couldn’t be any more happy while watching @selenagomez deliver that performance,” he wrote on Twitter. “Her talent is unreal, blessed to call her my friend.”

During an interview with Billboard before the show, the helmet-wearing producer nodded emphatically when he was asked if Gomez was his favorite person with whom to work.

Numerous viewers took umbrage at perceiving the “Bad Liars” singer’s lip syncing:  “If only she didn’t lip sync, it would’ve been a great performance,” one wrote. Another added: “I love how this big deal is made that Selena Gomez hasn’t performed in a year and then show comes out and lip syncs.”

The performer’s fans, however, joined Marshmello in supporting the star, clapping back at the haters. “May i remind y’all selena is still recovering from a kidney transplant and she just gave the performance of a lifetime. words can not express how emotional i’m feeling right now. literally shaking,” one loyal fan wrote.

The American Music Awards have marked major turning points in Gomez’s life over the years: her breakup with Justin Bieber in 2014, her return to the spotlight after a two-month hiatus to cope with medical issues from her lupus diagnosis in 2016 and now her comeback following her kidney transplant over the summer.

Perhaps one fan said it best when she wrote: “It’s an award show people!!! let her perform and have fun!!!”

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