Allegra Acosta
Olga Pisarenko for People Chica
November 15, 2017 01:30 PM

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When she’s not playing Molly Hernandez, the youngest of six teens fleeing parents they’ve discovered are part of a crime organization on Hulu’s Marvel-based series Runaways, 14-year-old Allegra Acosta is just your regular teen. During her days off, she spends time with her younger sister, watching makeup tutorials from Ru Paul’s Drag Race‘s  Valentina, dancing, and searching for the next cool-girl jacket. PEOPLE CHICA caught up with the star to talk style, makeup and beauty.

PEOPLE CHICA: When talking to makeup artists and stylists, is there anything that you ask for specifically? 

ALLEGRA ACOSTA: I change it up every time.  I just say that I want to look my age and appropriate, but I still want to have fun and embrace my love of makeup and I want to try different things. If I want to try a glossy eye then I’ll do a glossy eye. I just want to be bold and show other people that you can do whatever you want with makeup and you don’t have to feel obligated to do anything [or listen to] people who are telling you that you wear too much or too little. Screw that.

PC: Fashion-wise, is there a certain style that you’re more inclined towards? 

AA: My three fashion icons are definitely Bella Hadid, Kate Moss and Dua Lipa. What I love is how they keep streetwear with style. I love sneakers, and I love cool jeans and I love jackets. If you have a cool bomber jacket, or even a leather jacket, or a big denim one, I’m obsessed with that. [For sneakers], I love Vans, Nikes and Adidas. For jackets, I like LF and Urban Outfitters.

PC: What’s a favorite look you’ve worn as Molly Hernandez while filming Runaways?

AA: Molly is kind of fun and she doesn’t care what people think and she wears clothes very similar to the ones in the comic book. There’s one where I wear this purple overall situation with a cool hat flipped to the side because Molly wears her iconic cat-hat, and I wear it with one of those male shirts with cropped arm sleeves. It looked really cute.

PC: Moving on to beauty, what are some of your favorite products?

AA: I love to look glossy so I like highlighters. I got the Pat McGrath one for my birthday and I’ll cherish it forever. It’s amazing! On a day-to-day, I like concealer to cover up my tired eyes and I use one from NARS, and I also like the clear Boy Brow by GlossierMilk Makeup’s Cooling Water feels really good too. And the key is to use Aquaphor to keep your lips really smooth.

(From left to right) NARS, Milk Makeup, Glossier
Courtesy of the brands

PC: You’re big into dancing. How do you style your hair for your dance classes?

AA: I normally put it in a really tight bun since I have really really curly hair, and I wrap it around to a point where it stands on its own. But sometimes I do braids, but that can annoy me if I’m going to ballet class because it whacks my face. And if I’m wearing my hair straight, then I’ll do a high ponytail.

PC: What’s your go-to hairstyle in your everyday life? 

AA: I love my natural curls. I really embrace them. I love using DevaCurl products for my curls. I also love straightening my hair, braids, and big buns on the head to get a different look. I just love playing around with it.

PC: As your star continues to rise and you become a role model for impressionable young girls, what’s something you’ve learned that you’d like to share with them? 

AA: [Social media] commentary can make girls not feel beautiful or worthy, and I think a lot of things make girls feel like that because of an unattainable beauty standard. That we even still have to talk about it now is kind of annoying because we should let it go and accept every body type. I’m athletic and I’m athletic looking and I’ll never have tiny little arms and a tiny little waist like a super model. And I want to embrace that and keep working out because I enjoy it. The people that tell you otherwise are just not worth it. Audrey Hepburn once said that happy girls are the prettiest, so if you’re happy you’re be beautiful. If you’re feeling insecure then communication is key. Talk to your parents, to your family, to your friend, and that’s where you’ll feel most comfortable.

PC: When do you feel your prettiest? 

AA: When I’m at home watching Hulu with my sister and I have my cauliflower rice pizza from Trader Joe’s and I’m with my dogs and they’re licking my face. I don’t wear makeup a lot, but when I do I enjoy it, and when I sweat and dance I feel stronger and I feel happier. That’s what makes me feel beautiful, so I make sure I’m always happy and enjoying myself living in the moment and always being active.


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