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Thatiana Diaz
September 13, 2017 05:17 PM

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have seamlessly merged their families and bonded with their kids together. Back in April, the couple took their children to the Dominican Republic for Easter weekend, where J.Lo photographed Natasha, Rodriguez’s 12-year old daughter, with Lopez’s daughter Emme, 9, on her back. Now, the World of Dance judge is bonding with A-Rod’s youngest girl, Ella, 9, over music.

Rodriguez posted a video of Ella singing Alessia Cara’s “Scars to Your Beautiful,” alongside Lopez. “Coach JL,” he captioned the pic, tagging famous vocal coach Stevie Mackey, who was playing piano in the background. Who better than the former American Idol judge to school Ella on how to work her vocals? Lopez formed part of the groundbreaking singing competition on-and-off from season 10 in 2011 to the last season in 2015.

The former Yankee baseball star recently gushed about Lopez’s influence on his daughters. “There is not a better role model than Jennifer,” he told Extra. “My daughters, they look up to [her], being a Latina woman in this country, doing the things she has done and the way she pays it forward. If it doesn’t help socially, she is not interested. I can’t even keep up with her jobs. She’s Superwoman, and my daughters, the way they look at her, she has been a great..for them.”

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The pair have made sure to spend time alone together as well with lavish date nights and rigorous workout routines. For Labor Day Weekend, they traveled to Las Vegas to take part in a group fitness class as a team—and shared the experience on social media. “You push me I push you,” Lopez wrote in a photo of them sitting on yoga mats.

“We love living a healthy lifestyle,” Rodriguez posted, “We ride bikes in the city, we run in Central Park, we do yoga, we do Pilates.”

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