Adrienne Bailon On The Moment She Fell in Love With Herself

Adrienne Bailon
Photo: Getty Images

Adrienne Bailon has always had a special connection to the city of Paris. The singer and television host recently tied the knot in the City of Lights to gospel singer Israel Houghton in November. And that wasn’t the only moment that took place there that was significant to her life. In an interview with ELLE, Bailon gives details about the moment she feel in love with herself in Paris.

Although she had dreams to study aboard since a young age, Adrienne had been working in the entertainment industry since 14 years old, preventing her from doing so. Now in her thirties, The Real co-host made the decision to use her four month hiatus from the show to take a break from work and make her dreams come true.

“I just decided one day ‘Nope, I’m not going to work this summer. I’m going to take off four months and I want to go and study aboard. I got really excited about it, did all the information without anybody in my family or anybody even knowing. I applied and… I got accepted,” she said.

With that acceptance, the TV star packed her bags and went on her way to Europe to study aboard, turning down friends who wanted to join her and without knowing the language or anyone there.

“I honestly feel like I needed that time to get to know myself again and to come up with new dreams and new ideas, and become inspired about what it was that I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was alone and I loved that I was able to fall in love with myself. I feel like the fact that I was able to go somewhere where I knew no one and start all over again reminded me that I could always start all over again,” she added on her experience.

Adrienne concluded her interview with one final piece of advice: “If you have a dream and it’s in your heart, you have to follow it at some point. That for me was my greatest turning point: falling in love with myself in Paris.”

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