Ex-Girlfriend Defends Selena Quintanilla's Brother Amid Legal Drama

Susie De Los Santos A.B. Quintanilla
Photo: Susie De Los Santos

It’s been nearly a week since the shocking revelation that the brother of the late Tex-Mex singer, Selena Quintanilla, was listed in the Top 10 Most Wanted list in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Abraham Quintanilla III is being charged with contempt of court and nonpayment of child support. Authorities confirmed to People Chica on Tuesday that the Mexican-American musician had not turned himself in, and Nueces County Sheriff’s Office continues its search.

Although critics on social media attacked Quintanilla’s character, Susie De Los Santos, ex-girlfriend and close friend of the 53-year-old, told People Chica that Quintanilla is “a man of his word” and will fulfill his obligations. “I don’t know what’s going on; he hasn’t spoken to me about it, but I’m pretty sure he’ll take care of it. He’s a big boy,” the former beauty queen said.

De Los Santos, 28, rose to fame in 2016 after participating in the beauty pageant reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina on Univision. Although their relationship ended four years ago, the model and DJ says that they still have a strong friendship. “We are very, very good friends. We’re almost like family,” she said.

She learned about Quintanilla’s troubles on social media after being tagged in a conversation about it, but not from him directly: “He always talks to me about going through his divorce, but not about other legal issues.”

“A.B. is a big teddy bear. He’s a good guy,” emphasizes De Los Santos. “He always comes through when he says he’s going to do something. He doesn’t just talk to talk.”

Quintanilla broke his silence on Wednesday, calling the situation a “misunderstanding,” and telling Spanish-language magazine TVyNovelas, “I am the victim… Putting me in the top ten is totally unfair. There are people who have murdered other people. That [comparison] I don’t deserve.”

The musician, who reportedly owes $87k in child support, also revealed that his lawyers are already “talking.”

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