WATCH: Gerard Butler and 50 Cent Get Quizzed and Schooled in Spanish

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50 Cent (née Curtis Jackson) and Gerard Butler are the stars of new action thriller Den of Thieves. The movie exposes Los Angeles’s criminal underbelly pitting two opposing forces against one another — that of an exclusive team of law enforcement officials within the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and that of a clever gang of outlaws who’ve masterly robbed innumerable banks. Unlike your typical “cops and robbers” drama, the lines separating the good guys from the bad guys is blurred, as the bandits try to execute — and the cops try to thwart — an impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank of downtown Los Angeles. Butler as Nick Flanagan leads the gang of cops and 50 Cent plays outlaw Levi Enson.

50 Cent and Butler put aside their tough guy roles to get grilled by PEOPLE CHICA on their Spanish-speaking skills.

Watch the duo learn español below:

After brushing up on their Spanish, the pair revealed what makes Den of Thieves stand out from other heist flicks. “You never know where it’s going to go,” said Butler. “It’s a clever movie. It kind of has it all. You see [the characters] at the gang level. You see them at the performance level, and then you’re also getting these surprising, emotional moments with families and lives gone wrong.”

50 Cent agreed, adding: “It’s like cops and robbers and a lot of times those [type of] films don’t show you who the characters are, their lives and actual backgrounds. It’s interesting to see that part.”

The film, out in theaters today, also stars O’Shea Jackson and Pablo Schreiber.

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