5 Reasons to Love 'Mi Gente' Singer J Balvin

Colombian singer J Balvin is taking the world by storm with his single 'Mi Gente'. Get to know the man behind the awesome music.

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J Balvin’s upbeat single ‘Mi Gente’ has conquered the radio waves — and Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy. The 5-year-old couldn’t stop singing the song, so her mom decided to collaborate with Balvin on a remix. Here are 5 other reasons to love the Colombian artist.

1. His funky fashion inspires creative risk-taking: From rainbow-colored locks to zebra print jackets and orange jumpsuits, he’s a fearless fashionista.

2. He puts family front and center: He is supportive of his mother, who suffers from a rare genetic metabolic disease called Acute Intermittent Porphyria, and has the word ‘familia‘ tattooed across his chest.

3. He’s a hopeless romantic: Although his schedule is hectic, he hopes to settle down with the right chica in the future and live a a more quiet life. “I would like to have a family. It’s a matter of timing”, he told iHeartRadio host Enrique Santos. When Santos asked when he was last in love, Balvin grinned: “I’m in love now, I think. I just don’t want to admit it,” he said, “I’m afraid of suffering.”

4. He picks great collaborators: He’s made music with Justin Bieber, Nicky Jam, Becky G, and Jennifer Lopez, who once posted a sexy video of herself dancing to his song “Safari.” Recently, he teamed up with Pitbull and Camila Cabello for “Hey Ma.”

5. He’s open about his mental health struggles: He told Billboard that meditation was the cure to panic attacks he suffered a few years ago. “I forgot about my happiness,” Balvin, whose real name is José Alvaro Osorio Balvin, said, “I forgot about José.”

Need another reason to love him? His latest album, Energia, is full of fun dance beats and provocative lyrics. You’ll be putting him on repeat just like Blue Ivy.

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