12-Year-Old Boy Stands Up To Angry Trump Supporter

Yemeni boy
Photo: Joel Angel Juarez/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Twelve-year-old activist Joseph Moreno stood his ground on Tuesday when a Donald Trump supporter yelled at him. Moreno had just finished speaking at a city council meeting— from which another Trump supporter had just been escorted— when a man shouted at the attendees outside of the event hall in Huntington Park, California. The angry man was wearing a Trump flag and shouted “American! American!” in support of the U.S. president to the people exiting the meeting.

When the man asked Moreno if he was an American outside of the event hall, the boy responded, “I was born here, but I am also half-Mexican.” The man, who said the boy was “brainwashed” went on to ask “Can you vote over there [in Mexico]?”. Moreno followed with, “Of course I would vote.. but I can’t because I’m 12!”

The altercation was captured by bystanders and posted on Facebook. Watch it below:

After Moreno had called Trump “racist,” the man questioned the boy who then raised his tone and responded, “How is he not a racist? He called Mexicans rapists, drug dealers… I’m standing up for my people. When you’re backing down on them, I’m standing up for them.”

Moreno spoke to the camera at the end of the argument and called the Trump supporters “bad-mannered” for fighting with a 12-year-old.

This isn’t the first time that the young boy has stood up for his beliefs. Last month, Moreno was featured by the Los Angeles Times for taking part in May Day protests with a bullhorn and a message for the president. “If you build a wall, my generation will knock it down,” read his poster.

“If they mess with our community, if they mess with our culture, we will not stay silent,” he told the news outlet. “From students to adults, we will come out and speak out for what we believe in.”

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