"She should've married him a long time ago," Michelle Rodriguez told PEOPLE

By Maria Qualtere
Updated July 04, 2010 11:00 AM
Credit: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/Landov

What was Zoe Saldana’s Avatar costar Michelle Rodriguez’s first reaction when she heard about her friend’s upcoming nuptials? Not shock.

“She should’ve married him a long time ago,” the actress told PEOPLE at the Edeyo Foundation’s third anniversary dinner, adding that the first time she met Saldana, she was with now-fiancé Keith Britton.

In fact, Rodriguez said the pair has been together so long that she already thinks of them as married – though she does she the perks of actually tying the knot.

“Now she’s going to get a ring and fancy thing to remember it all by,” she said.

And while Saldana and Britton jump into planning their big day, Rodriguez is already thinking about where she’ll fit in.

“I want to show up to that bachelorette party, she said. “That’s gonna be some fun.”