Zeta-Jones: 'Stop Asking'

“I’ve never had a ring at all,” Catherine Zeta-Jones told PEOPLE at Thursday night’s GQ “Men of the Year” awards ceremony at Manhattan’s Beacon Theater. “So please stop asking.” The actress is romantically linked to Michael Douglas, with several reports saying that their marital engagement is imminent. Douglas, meanwhile, attended a United Nations function in New York Thursday, though there were still plenty of stars to go around for the GQ function. Garth Brooks was the first to arrive (in a black hat, natch). Dennis Miller hosted the evening, and, along with Garth, Lenny Kravitz and the Goo Goo Dolls performed musical numbers. Gwyneth Paltrow presented Steven Spielberg one of his two awards (for film directing and for humanitarian work), and both Michael J. Fox (TV comedy award) and Kevin Spacey (theater award) wisecracked about the GQ headless crystal statuette. “Look at it,” said Fox, holding his award. “It has no penis. It’s so weird.” Said Spacey: “Where am I going to put this? I don’t know . . . it’s just a big ass.”

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