June 14, 2002 12:00 PM

Catherine Zeta-Jones is replacing Jamie Lee Curtis as the pitchwoman for VoiceStream Wireless as the company prepares to relaunch and rename itself T-Mobile International, reports the Associated Press. VoiceStream, as it is now called, is America’s sixth-largest wireless carrier, and Curtis, 43, the star of the “Halloween” movies and such comedies as “A Fish Called Wanda,” has been heading its droll ad campaign for the past four years and helped build the brand. But all that’s in the past. T-Mobile, the wireless unit of Germany’s giant Deutsche Telekom, acquired VoiceStream in 2001. In February, the company announced that it was rebranding operations with the T-Mobile International name. Among the changes is the addition of Zeta-Jones, 32, to the image. The “America’s Sweethearts” star, who is married to Michael Douglas, has reportedly signed a two-year contract to represent T-Mobile. “Catherine was born in Wales; she has a strong following in London, she’s really well-known there,” VoiceStream spokeswoman Kim Thompson told the AP. “When you’re talking about the power a global spokesperson can bring, they need to have that strong recognition over there. This is it.” There has been no comment from Curtis.

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