Zendaya Helps Launch App That Gives Women the Opportunity to Be in Empowering Music Video with Kelly Clarkson and Missy Elliott

The actress-singer is helping launch AOL's MAKERS Stories app on Monday

Photo: Courtesy MAKERS

First she teamed up with FLOTUS, Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliott and more to empower women with the new girl-power anthem ”This Is for My Girls” – and now Zendaya is helping launch AOL’s MAKERS STORIES app, which is giving 50 women the chance to be in the star-studded music video.

The A-list music collaboration is in support of Let Girls Learn, the President- and Michelle Obama-launched initiative that aims to help more than 62 million girls around the world who are not in school go to and stay in school.

AOL is using the new app, MAKERS STORIES, to crowd-source videos from women across the globe. Then, 50 of those clips will be culled together and included in the “This Is for My Girls” music video. On May 23, the entire epic clip will premiere at the United State of Women, a summit organized by the White House to champion the accomplishments of women and girls.

“Sticking with your vision and what you believe in is so, so important,” Zendaya says in her MAKERS Stories clip. “There are so many people that are going to tell you what you should think of yourself, and it’s so important that you look at yourself, you become happy with yourself and confident in your own opinions and your own strength – and stay with that because it’s so hard, especially if you’re young. People always want to doubt you.”

“This Is for My Girls” is available exclusively on iTunes, and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated in support of the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund.

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