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March 25, 2015 06:35 PM

It’s been just hours since Zayn Malik quit One Direction, but a replacement may already be lined up.

In a Vine video also posted on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, actor Josh Peck jokingly announced, “I got Zayn’s replacement, I’m teaching him the stuff now,” before singing a famous 1D line with none other than John Stamos.

We’ve dreamed up some options for who can step in for the singer, but Stamos also deserves a spot on the list, if for no reason other than his ’90s “Forever” video and the more recent resurgence of Jesse and the Rippers. The man has boy-bander written all over him.

Peck, 28, plays Stamos’s son in the Fox pilot Grandpa (the Vine video was shot on the set). And Stamos, 51, plays a bachelor who finds out he’s got a kid – and a grandkid.

Stamos recently gave fans a glimpse of one of the show’s littlest cast members, the “most adorable member of the cast,” he wrote. “My gran…. My grand… (cant even say the word).”

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