Zayn Malik Shaved His Head and Directioners Are Melting Down

Ziam shippers comparing his hair to Liam Payne's ... we see you

Photo: Dave J. Hogan/Getty

It’s been 23 long days since Zayn Malik officially announced his departure from One Direction, but who’s counting?

As a result, Directioners have been feeling pretty thirsty for an official appearance from Malik, 22, and they got their wish Friday when the singer showed up to the Asian Awards in London with a newly shaved head and a nose piercing.

The reaction on social media has been as spectacularly enthusiastic as you might expect. From those still mourning his Uncle Jesse hair after Malik shaved his head into a viking ponytail to those comparing his hairstyle to former bandmate Liam Payne‘s Great Buzzcut of 2012, fans have a lot of opinions on his new look.

Here are some of the brighter and more hilarious gems we’ve found (and we see you, Ziam shippers!):

(Ahem, for the uninitiated on the above, click here.)

It has been a wild few weeks for fellow Directioners, but we’re here for you.

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