Zac Efron Was Class Clown in High School

The star admits he was "not in that ultracool circle" growing up, but managed to get grounded a lot

Photo: F Micelotta/Getty

While Zac Efron plays the cool star of High School Musical onscreen, he wasn’t a real-life heartthrob growing up.

“I was average,” he admits in the April issue of Family Circle, on newsstands March 5. “I had a lot of friends but I was not in that ultracool circle. I was a bit of a class clown. I guess to get through the tedium of the quadratic formula, I thought everyone was fair game.”

That includes his parents, who he often argued with, and, of course, his little brother. “Oh man, it seemed like every weekend I was in trouble for something,” he says of growing up in California. “If I got home late, I would get chewed out.”

He adds that he and his brother “were brawlers and I would always get grounded. If I had big plans with friends for the weekend – camping or boating or surfing at the beach – I wasn’t allowed to go.”

But Efron, 21, has made peace with mom – a great listener – and dad, and is very thankful for it since “between self-discovery and the social hierarchy, high school can be the most confusing time of your life,” he says.

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