The HSM heartthrob comes clean about his iconic locks – and almost gets a hair cut from DeGeneres

By Brian Orloff
Updated October 29, 2008 05:00 PM
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Zac Efron sports one stylish hairdo – but what inspired it?

“I actually modeled it [after] Ellen season 2,” Efron tells Ellen DeGeneres during an interview scheduled to air Thursday.

“Smart,” retorts DeGeneres. “So you’re copying me?”

“I am in fact,” Efron tells the talk show host.

And the two don’t stray far from the subject of the High School Musical 3: Senior Year star’s trendy look. In fact, DeGeneres confesses that she talked about his hair with Efron’s girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens recently.

“Vanessa was here a few days ago and she said she actually prefers it slicked back more with stuff in it,” she says. “But then it’s hard for her to put her hands in your hair because it’s to full of stuff. She prefers it slicked back just to let you know.”

DeGeneres also offers her haircutting services – after Efron admits his windswept style is partially “derived from laziness.” Pulling out a clipper, the talk show host consults with the actor’s mother – who is in the audience – then offers to trim Efron’s mane.

“Do you want to take a little off the back?” he asks. “It’s a little long actually.”

“No, there’s no blade in it,” DeGeneres retorts. “It was just to scare you. It’s Halloween and I like to scare people.”